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Insight After Doomsday - Events Of Misery

Insight After Doomsday - Events Of Misery

Label : Art Gates Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : I was not very enthusiastic about the previous album by the Spanish band Insight After Doomsday called 'The Way To Nihilism'. Melodic death metal with a good dose of Soilwork and a sound that we had heard a lot more often. On the new album 'Events Of Misery' not much has changed in that respect. It's been four years since the last album and the band is four years older, but the sound has stayed behind in 2014. What might be different, could be some metalcore influences, a bit of Suicide Silence (from the time they did not sound like a Deftones cover band) and even Papa Roach comes to mind. No names that make my blood flow faster, but a logical step perhaps to achieve some commercial success. Take away those last elements and you'll end up with a portion of solid but little surprising melodic death metal. Everything is done neatly and within the boundaries set by the genre and if that is what you are looking for in your daily dose of melo-death, then you are well off with Insight After Doomsday. Nowadays, however, the market is looking for a bit more challenge, a bit more “wow” factor perhaps. As said a decent album and for example 'Surrender' is a great song, but on the whole played it much too safe.

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