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Flashback Of Anger - Shades

Flashback Of Anger - Shades

Label : IceWarrior Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Hahaha, that was a prophetic statement I made. I finished my review of the latest Flashback Of Anger album 'Terminate And Stay Resident' with the sentence “a new album in a few years then. And just see what happened, more than four years later, the band releases 'Shades', the third full length by these Italians. And I can quote several other things from my aforementioned review as well. The band is not very productive, considering that this is the third album in twelve years. And musically little or nothing changes: Flashback Of Anger plays a mix of heavy and power metal.

The differences are in smaller things: more or less use of keyboards, more or less up-tempo song material, etc. The first thing I notice when listening to this CD is the great sound. It sounds heavy, it sounds clear, the riffs and solos pop out beautifully and dosed and especially the (double bass) drums of Lorenzo Innocenti sound wonderfully beautiful. The musicians are quite virtuoso ('Band Of Brothers') and everything is performed to perfection. The vocals of Alessio Gori are good (although he has a slight accent) and his vocal lines are nicely worked out. As far as I'm concerned the band could have put a bit more variation into the songs, especially in tempo, because now the song material is pretty much alike. We hear a lot of Teutonic and power metal ('Edge Of Dreams') and I also hear the necessary influences from bands like Pretty Maids and Gamma Ray. In the latter band, friend Gori sang too by the way! Unfortunately there are no songs that really stand out (although I think 'Lonely Road' is a great song and the riff of 'Marvels Of The World' is powerful) but there are also no songs that are bad. So you know what you get from Flashback Of Anger: power metal of a more than decent level.

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