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Dysylumn - Occultation

Dysylumn - Occultation

Label : Egregor Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Genre designation remains a difficult thing. Where is the boundary between various genres, where is the line between death metal and black metal? Ultimately, it is up to the listener to determine that (if desired, and in my case that is the case). In the case of the new Dysylumn album I come to a progressive form of death metal, although the step to progressive black metal is a very small one. From Dysylumn to for example to Rivers Of Nihil is not that far in the enormous musical spectrum that we have today. Dysylumn is a French band consisting of Sebastien Besson and Camille Olivier Faure-Brac. The band originated as a tribute to someone who decided at the time to “take the death road” and that cold, chilly sound that perfectly matched the situation back then is still there and on the new album 'Occultation' there are seven songs and an intro that channel the icy winds from the northern polar plains.

There is a slightly sad atmosphere about the album, emphasized by the few slow passages with doom metal influences that seem to refer to the difficult period from the beginning. The band changes tempo regularly, however, which means that there is a lot of dynamics that can be heard on 'Anechoique' for instance. Chilly guitar melodies that have been woven through the song, combined with smooth and organic drumwork and a nice low sounding singing voice, which is left slightly in the background, giving you even more the feeling of a melancholic, cold atmosphere. The pace is generally not too high, but a song like 'Psychose' lives up to its name and the band about doubles the speed o the earlier songs. A big plus on this album is the drumwork, which as mentioned earlier, sounds organic and smooth and is not a constant attack of the snare drum. All instruments sound balanced in the mix and are audible, so you can also hear the battle between the bass guitar and the guitar. An excellent album by these French guys but that France has a good climate for black metal is common knowledge among the connoisseurs.

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