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Deathrite - Nightmares Reign

Deathrite - Nightmares Reign

Label : Century Media | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : If a band is part of a label like Century Media, you automatically have expectations. Such a label will certainly acquire quality and talent. 'Nightmares Reign' is the fourth album from Deathrite and Century Media were convinced and signed them. I find it difficult to immediately follow the enthusiasm of the label. The album clearly has an underground sound which means loose sounding death metal, more based on feeling and atmosphere than on technique. Mostly played in mid-tempo the album sometimes sounds adrift, a song like 'Invoke Nocturnal Light' does not follow one distinctive line but wanders off in several directions, partly also because the songs are sometimes a bit long. 'Demon Soul' takes around seven minutes, for example, and again they find it difficult to follow one direction. Full of good ideas, but a somewhat more compact version might have been better. 'Bloodlust' is such a good, short stunner that shows the band have the skills to pull it off. 'Temptation Calls’, closing track and about nine minutes long, indicates that Century Media was right in Deathrite's talent and is an example of an excellent build-up and skilled use of dynamics. 'Nightmares Reign' has therefore become a somewhat diverse product and does not show the full potential of the band, I think. But under the guidance of a big label I am looking forward to the next album already.

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