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Weapon UK - Set The Stage Alight – The Anthology

Weapon UK - Set The Stage Alight – The Anthology

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: LP

Sjak : The song ‘Set The Stage Alight’ was originally release as B-side of the Weapon debut single ‘It’s A Mad Mad World’ that was brought to market in 1980. This tune turned out to be more popular with the bigger audience than the A-side and has since then always remained the ultimate Weapon anthem. Weapon at that time consisted of drummer Bruce Bisland, guitar player Jeff Summers, bass player Barry Downes and singer Danny Hynes and was originally called Fast Relief before they changed their name to Weapon in early 1980. The band was always seen as one of the most promising outfits of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, but they’ve never been able to meet those expectations as they fell apart in 1981 due to management problems.

The complete works at that time consisted out of a dozen songs, which are now brought together on this piece of vinyl by Pure Steel Records. Anno 2018 ‘Set The Stage Alight’ remains an awesome song, but also ‘Midnight Sensation’, ‘Mad Mad World’ and ‘Killer Instinct’ clearly show that the band had potential and therefore it’s a pity that they already had to throw in the towel before they could release their first full-length album. All the better that Pure Steel Records has made this Weapon material (who had to change their name to Weapon UK in 2012 due to copyright issues) available for the fans, because this can be seen a quite a nice piece of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal history.

1. Set The Stage Alight
2. Liar
3. Take That Bottle
4. One Night Stand
5. Mad Mad World
6. Midnight Satisfaction
7. Bad Love
8. Olivia
9. Remote Control (demo)
10. Light Of The World (demo)
11. Killer Instinct (demo)
12. Things You Do (demo)

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