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Nechochwen - The Ancient Pulse

Nechochwen - The Ancient Pulse

Label : Bindrune Recordings | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Nechochwen celebrates their tenth anniversary with the release of a compilation with rare and some previously unreleased songs. The duo from West Virginia (USA), Nechochwen (Aaron Carey) and Pohonasin (Andrew Della Cagna), earlier launched a couple of albums to the world on which extreme metal was relished with Appalachian folk music. Sometimes the music was acoustic, sometimes it was invigorated with blackened fury. From time to time they compared the band with Falls Of Rauros and Agalloch, other times with the neo-folk of Weh and Tenhi. The versions on this compilation are mainly acoustic, except the cover renditions of ‘One With The Forest’ (Rotting Christ cover) and ‘Over The Mountain’ (Ozzy Osbourne cover). All songs are re-recorded, thus an upgrade of sound quality is noticeable.

The first four songs are completely acoustic, while ‘Nilu-famu’ happens to be coming from the debut album ‘Algonkian Mythos’ and ‘Winterstrife’ could only be found on a various artists compilation in the past, just like ‘Song Of The White-Tailed Deer’. It is only when the album ’Azimuths To The Otherworld’ is featured – with ‘Allumhammochwen – The Crossing’ – that we hear a bit proper metal. Another two songs of ‘Azimuths’ are next and then we have two songs from ’Oto’. Thus we get a mainly acoustic, ethnic impression of Nechochwen on this compilation. Nice and well-thought, beautiful vocals, but calm.

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