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For I Am King - I

For I Am King - I

Label : Redfield Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : With For I Am King, the Netherlands spawned a band that they could rightly be proud of. After the releases of the EP 'Revengeance' and the debut 'Daemons' the band had already confirmed its status more or less. With 'I' they are still improving and have perfected their sound with an own identity. The concept revolves around the battle between good and evil and that is reflected in the necessary symbolism. For example, a lot of meanings were given to the album title 'I'. From the new i-factor to the ninth letter in the modern alphabet. From the symbol of the iodine element to the symbol of electric stream. In short, there has been thought about it. A major role was granted for front woman Alma Alizadeh. Her texts are both socially committed and personal. Impossible love, depression, destroying the world and being a refugee. You would almost be afraid to be in her place. But no matter how fragile she looks, her voice is absolutely awesome. From deep and heavy grunts to outright poisonous roars. And that with top musicians around her.

That’s immediately proven with opener 'Prey'. In the end you get an epic-looking electronic passage that not only sounds good, but also allows you to take a fresh breath. And that is necessary because the following 'Forever Blind' shows about which strong capabilities the band has. The repetitive vocals at the beginning go over to strong riffs where Alma her vocal domination takes over. Despite the grunt, the choruses themselves really sounds catchy. On 'Misery' the band plays with the transition of dreamy enchanting passages and heavy pieces where destruction and aggression predominate. Halfway through the album the instrumental 'Invidia' ensures a welcome break after which the devastation takes back the upper hand. For I Am King balances between metalcore and deathcore but you also hear flashes of power metal. That last one is mainly expressed in the countless flowing and melodic sounding lead guitar that place themselves between the heavy riffs.

The effect that the band creates with it is an individual style that continues to fascinate and offers a lot of variety. Deathcore normally provides a fanatical but small target group. With its melodic aspect, For I Am King can easily aim for a much wider audience. Besides, just for the beautiful and breathtaking artwork, you should buy this album.

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