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The Maension - Raevolution

The Maension - Raevolution

Label : Take This Trip To Mars Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Now here is an example of a CD with music that I have absolutely nothing with. The music on this album is not for real, this is not from the heart. The Maension is a trio from California who really did not invent anything at all, but stole all melodies, rifffs, etc. and then made a (coherent) whole of it that does not seem credible. Throw Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars, Limp Bizkit and Alice In Chains into a blender and you get music that comes close to The Maension.

Mark Maension and his two companions already imagine themselves in big stadiums when you listen to their music. They play that typical stadium rock; songs in which you assume that 30,000 will sing along with you. That will soon be a bit awkward when they perform in a bar with only seventeen paying visitors attending the show. Must be quiet funny to do songs like 'Army Of The People' and 'Say It' then, with all you make up on. The songs are really terrible and meaningless, unbelievable. Empty shells, that's what The Maension sells to you. There is really not a song on this release in which you hear something you do not know already or have not heard a thousand times before. And often much better than this overproduced rubbish from America. Yes, every song on this CD could be played on the radio, that's right. But what do you do with that if it is fake? I'm really sorry, but I cannot get through the songs, through this prefab release. Ignore this release.

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