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Alunah - Amber & Gold

Alunah - Amber & Gold

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Vera : We were truly surprised when finding out recently that female vocalist Sophie Day did not belong to the line-up of British doom/stonerrock formation Alunah anymore. She used to be one of the founding members of the band and had 100% input, together with her man David Day, that’s how we remember them. Now we suddenly have a MCD ‘Amber & Gold’, presenting a new female singer Siân Greenaway. Well, that’s the way things go it seems…

Earlier Alunah released four albums, of which ’Awakening The Forest’ (2014) and ’Solennial’ (2017) got some high scores by the undersigned. I am pretty curious what this constellation of Alunah has in reserve for me… Well, the current MCD is only a taster, with an intro and a cover, but a true windfall. ‘Mangata’ can be seen as an introduction with drums, heavy bass that joins in and esoteric chants. Slow, but regaled with beautiful soloing. Fortunately that remains the trademark of David, those magnificent blues-tinged solos he is playing on a bed of ponderous doom riffs. That comes to full bloom in ‘Amber & Gold’ with its low-tuned guitars and quite sturdy female vocals. Siân’s voice is lower-ranged than the one of Sophie, but it suits the context. ‘Awn’ is even superior, with the core sentence ‘In Shadows I Will Hide’ and amazing guitar ornaments. The soul of the band is kept alive and that is no wonder, since it happens to be the same band except for the departure of Sophie. And the cover version of ‘Wicked Game’? Well, that was a chart buster for Chris Isaak early nineties and it remains a classic one. It is nicely rendered with suitable emotion. Alunah is not lost, Alunah is writing the next chapter!

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