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Huata - Lux Initiatrix Terrae

Huata - Lux Initiatrix Terrae

Label : Seeing Red Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : The French Huata return with their sophomore album six years after releasing their debut. 'Lux Initiatrix Terrae' is the perfect prelude to the dark and lonely days that are still awaiting us this year. The band creates an enormously dark atmoshphere that regularly expands into epic proportions and it is hard to listen to this and not get the idea that there is a lot happening and going on. It is beautiful, it is dark and the compelling, musical wilderness seems to make all happiness literally drip off the sound.

The album starts off with the impressive 'The Mystical Beast Of Revelations'. Impressive in length (fifteen minutes) but certainly also in layout. Thick walls of sound are erected with swirling guitars, bass and drums, and this is accompanied by church-like organ sounds. In this way several different layers of music are put on top of each other and it will take a while before all of it will settle in the listener's mind. This is a great thing, because it makes the album an interesting voyage of discovery. The instruments are combined in such a way that each of them has exactly the right dose, and the very heavy doom riffs that fondle the ears are a stark contrast to the clear vocals, making this music sound even more malicious than if there had been chosen for grunts or screams. Next to the hoary, stormy oceans that Huata paints there are also moments of quiet, fairytale-like reflection that are then irrevocably swept off the table by yet another incarnation of heaviness.

The titles very much appeal to the imagination ('Child Of The Cosmic Mind' and 'The Golden Hordes Of Kailash', for instance) and that combined with the almost perverse atmosphere that is put down by the band somehow creates the feeling of attending a very unholy mass. Not in a funny way like Ghost does, but in a very serious way. I think if evil had to be given a name, Huata would be the one most likely to be chosen. Mysterious, grand and a must listen for doom, drone and dark psychedelics fans.

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