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¡Pendejo! - Sin Vergüenza

¡Pendejo! - Sin Vergüenza

Label : Chancho Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : When I was at Sonic Whip Festival this year, waiting for ¡Pendejo! to get ready to play their set, I was, admittedly, a little bit frigthened as I saw a small brass section being brought onto the stage. I did not know the band yet and this gave me the impression that we were going to witness a rather party-induced show. As soon as they started playing I was quickly comforted by what I heard: tough music for tough people!

For those of you who do not know ¡Pendejo! yet, they are a Dutch band that plays heavy rock and furnishes their songs with Spanish lyrics. Sometimes bands try new things by adding less traditional instruments to their metal sound. Often this will end in disaster, but sometimes it works like a charm and that is when you get music like this: heavy riffs and delicious rhythms infused with the sound of trumpets. ¡Pendejo! manages to once again combine all of these nicely on their third offering, 'Sin Vergüenze', and they even add the trombone to their arsenal. The result is a dark and heavy record that is at the same time uplifting because singer El Pastuso delivers his lines with so much enthusiasm. The record has plenty of variation and in addition to the characteristic and raw ¡Pendejo! sound we hear a more emotional side on 'El Espejo', which has a quiet, almost post metal like build-up that eventually results in a solid, hard climax. Closing song 'Facista' shows us the brilliance that these guys possess: the brooding, slowly advancing, filled with killer riffs song is accompanied by a subdued, almost sad trumpet and the vocals, groaning, calling and pained, add to this feeling of melancholy.

It is this variation that I find so exciting about ¡Pendejo!, they keep looking for and shifting the boundaries. I wish some of these songs would have been longer, not because they are short (they are not) but because I am curious how they would have evolved if they were. This band has so many places musically where they can be heading next, but 'Sin Vergüenza' is enough to leave us content for now. And by the way, this and next month they will be performing in several European cities. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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