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Born Again - True Heavy Nation

Born Again - True Heavy Nation

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : French Born Again presents their second album with 'True Heavy Nation'. 'Strike With Power' ‘Strike With Power’ was rewarded with 80 points by colleague Koen W. in 2017. I unfortunately missed that album, but I can understand the score after listening to 'True Heavy Nation'. This one turned out to be a great no-nonsense hard rock / metal album with ten tracks that after a first listen already are satisfying. After having played the album a bit more often, a few pearls come to the surface. So are 'Ghost Rider' and 'No Place In Heaven', with Thin Lizzy like guitar work, songs that show real musical talent. The Twisted Sister classic 'You Can’t Stop Rock N' Roll ' is presented in super heavy fashion which makes clear that this is an outstanding performance. The title song then grooves like crazy with great guitar work in the chorus. The only downside is the instrumental 'Night Of The Shred' which does not contribute much to the rest of the album's uncompromising character. Born Again already proved in the other nine tracks that there is enough musical talent to rise above the average heavy metal band. 'Ghost Rider' then closes the album in the single version with a starting motorcycle in the intro. Since this song is the highlight of the album, I can live with two versions of it!

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