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Zippo - Ode To Maximum

Zippo - Ode To Maximum

Label : Spikerot Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Re-release

Bart M. : Hailing from the east coast of the beautiful country of Italy, Zippo has been active since 2004 preaching their brand of stoner rock to the world. Having released four records since then, 2005's debut album 'Ode To Maximum' will be rereleased by Spikerot Records. Is this necessary? Definitely yes, because the album was once given out under self-release and has sold out long ago. Sold out? Yes, you cannot get it anywhere anymore, and that is totally understandable once you have given this record a couple of listens.

What Zippo brings us with this album is their unique interpretation of the stoner genre, and that is mainly because they never sound as if it has already been done before and they are going weird places all the time - unexpected but very good places. The great thing about stoner rock is that it can make you feel so incredibly good, and sometimes I wonder, is it called stoner because it sounds even better after having sniffed the tulips (so to speak) or because the heavy, repeating riffs make you feel stoned anyway? In regards of this album I opt for the second option. Zippo succeeds to take you on a trip with their half psychedelic solos and their delicious, repeating batting. A trip that takes you across sandy desolations and along some slightly warped palm trees and will just continue when you have reached the point where you want to get off the train (hail to 'Tukay's Fury'). It will leave you utterly hypnotized and yearning to press the play button again!

The rerelease of 'Ode To Maximum' has remastered versions of Zippo classics like 'The Elephant March' and 'Crazy Forest', but also includes two bonus tracks and a fully revised bit of artwork. This strange and beautiful drawing really fits the somewhat odd twists and turns that Zippo makes and it really completes this rerelease. 'Ode To Maximum' is not just an ode to the swirling seventies, it is an ode to everything that is great about music.

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