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Jonestown - Dyatlov

Jonestown - Dyatlov

Label : Long Branch Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : …and here we go again; another display of sleep-inducing djenty hardcore that tries to feed off of the popularity of bands like Emmure and Born of Osiris. A vocalist that does not know the word “dynamics” and a production value that screams “overcompensation”. Jonestown is a band from Brighton, UK and is very forward about where they get their influences from: old Parkway Drive, Emmure, and the plethora of bands that started playing 8-strings just for the low F# and now play nothing else now. As someone who’s always known metalcore/deathcore to be ‘Killing with a Smile’, ‘The Price of Existence’, ‘The Ills of Modern Man’ on one side and ‘Ascendancy’, ‘The Fall of Ideals’ and ‘The War Within’ on the other, the shift towards overproduced, bland chugging has failed to grab me.

And it’s not like Jonestown is adding anything to the formula. The thing about this album that stings the most is the timing of it – all of this (literally all of it) has been done better some 10 years ago. It feels incredibly dated and because it’s so cookie cutter, it doesn’t grab the attention in any way. It’s totally fine to put your influences center stage and play off of that, but to emulate a sound that’s been virtually obsolete for over the better part of a decade just feels backward and shouldn’t be celebrated.

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