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Gorod - Aethra

Gorod - Aethra

Label : Overpowered Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Gorod might not seem an introduction any more, but just in case: they’re from Bordeaux, France and play a progressive technical death metal that’s quite unique. They’ve recently released their sixth album since their start in 2005, ‘Aethra’ and it’s something! It might not be incredibly fresh or original within their now tried and true formula, but it’s THEIR formula; that’s something completely different than a band emulating success factors from other bands in the genre – this is a band that knows itself and what it is doing. It shows on songs like ‘Bekhten’s Curse’ – it’s been quite long I’ve heard a death metal song that grabbed me this quickly. From the harsh, genuine vocals to the pounding drums and the flashy riffing – it’s all grounded and feels real, which makes it all the more believable and packs a bigger punch as a result.

Songs like ‘The Sentry’, ‘Hina’ (Obscura, right here) and ‘And the Moon Turned Black’ (REVOCATION, RIGHT HERE!) all grab from the first listen onward and all in different ways, which is interesting. Every song does truly feel unique in their own way and while I’m not a fan of opener ‘Wolfsmond’, the quality seems to increase on every next song. ‘Aethra’ is a worthy addition in an already great discography, but a great release for techdeath this year.

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