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Four Stroke Baron - Planet Silver Screen

Four Stroke Baron - Planet Silver Screen

Label : Prosthetic Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Four Stroke Baron is a progressive rock group from Reno, Nevada that released their second album ‘Planet Silver Screen’ at the start of November. Their style is relatively unique, as they mash new wave with hard rock in a way that’s not as jarring as you might think. Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears and The Cure try to pry their way into Stone Temple Pilots and Mastodon and whether or not it works is very much up to the listener. It’s hit or miss, and for me personally, it leans more towards the “miss”-side of things. The mixing of the genres is odd at least, and it makes for a listen that’s probably not as accessible as the band might’ve aimed for. Rather than hook me on ‘Planet Silver Screen’, the new-wave vocals just filled me with nostalgia for records like ‘Wish’ and ‘Some Great Reward’; I can’t imagine that was the intended effect. It’s because of that, that I doubt this sound will find its way into many car stereo’s or find any footing online either. It will score points on originality though, so that’s something.

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