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Finister - Please, Take Your Time

Finister - Please, Take Your Time

Label : Red Cat Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Finister is a band you might not´ve heard of. They’re from Florence, Italy and play a psychedelic take on modern indie pop. They’ve recently released their second full-length ‘Please Take your Time’ and put a sound on display that’s both reminiscent of Editors, Snow Patrol and The XX as well as more incorporates some psychedelic progressive influences that wouldn’t have been out of place on a Pink Floyd or Black Sabbath record. Lyrics like “Please give me a lighter / I wanna make a nice fire” really do grab the attention. The album, however, fails to captivate me for longer than two-three songs. Sure, the sound is one you can easily get enveloped by when you’re in an inebriated state or high-flying, but I tend to gravitate towards music that has me feeling something, rather than make me nod off to a dreamspace. That’s the feeling I get with ‘Please Take Your Time’, as well as with a lot of other British-sounding bands and it’s not really for me personally, though I can really see the appeal. Give it a chance if you’re into that stuff.

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