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Azusa - Heavy Yoke

Azusa - Heavy Yoke

Label : Solid State Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : You can’t make this shit up! What do you do when you’re the guitarist for Extol and you want something fresh? Well, you just start a band with The Dillinger’s Escape Plan’s bassist and start looking for a vocalist that’s different. How about a dreampop vocalist from Greece who’s in Sea+Air? Sounds good, let’s do it! I bet she can scream, too…

That’s Azusa for you – old Extol with a vocalist that should feel more at home in the dreamscapes of indie pop but fits right in here. She lunges for your throat at all times; whether it’s with her insanely good screams or her floaty cleans. This is genuine and great. Musically, math rock finds its way towards thrashy goodness on ‘Heavy Yoke’. No matter how harsh, heavy and fast the band is rushing by, there’s always a somewhat dissonant clean passage right around the corner and they keep catching you off guard with smart shifts and great, tense buildups. Songs like ‘Lost in the Ether’ and opener ‘Interstellar Islands’ immediately grab the attention, where others might take some more dedication to truly understand. Many of the songs have strong hooks and melodic choruses though, so if you’re in need of something to hold on to, the song ‘Heavy Yoke’ is a great example of how to do tension and release well. This might be more Extol than Extol was on their last one… Definitely check this out!

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