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(Psychoparalysis) - Voracious

(Psychoparalysis) - Voracious

Label : BWK Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: CD single

Dennis : The release date of this single dates back to almost two years ago, but what the heck, we can still review this self-released death metal gem. (Psychoparalysis) was founded in 2009 in Finland and debuted with their full length album ‘Human Disposition’ in 2013. The rather peculiar band name in parenthesis stands for the people’s lack of ability to think for themselves and the parenthesis emphasize the emptiness in people’s heads. The message of (Psychoparalysis) therefore is ‘think for yourself and be free from psychoparalysis’.

The single ‘Voracious’ contains two tracks, whereby (Psychoparalysis) recorded their longest and shortest song ever. ‘Voracious’ clocks in at ten and a half minutes, whereas the second track ‘Verify Truth’ goes slightly over two minutes, so all in all we get twelve minutes of new music here. The Finns around guitarist/vocalist and founder Anssi Kantola (who is recovering from an incident where his middle finger was ripped off, but placed back in surgery) are clearly inspired by bands like Bolt Thrower and Death, but I would also say a band like Septic Flesh has left their mark in the sound of the band. (Psychoparalysis)’ form of death metal contains a great underground vibe with a dark character. The title track ‘Voracious’ is a very long, extended death metal composition with a couple of tempo changes with faster parts and some slower enchanting passages. The song lasts and lasts and it seems to have no end. Halfway through the song you start to wonder if you’re still listening to the same song or if a new one has started and after a while one kind of loses attention (but not quite!). The second track ‘Verify Truth’ on the other hand, shows a whole different side of the band with a fast whirlwind of a song and the contrast almost couldn’t be any bigger. This track is a lot more compact and therefore much more powerful and entertaining than the previous long-winded song. It shows what (Psychoparalysis) is capable of when they compress their ideas into the essence of a song which keeps the listener listening. Besides this point of criticism I have to say the music of (Psychoparalysis) sounds really great and the band leaves a good impression with this single and it sure is worth checking this release out and keeping an eye on them in the future. Fine underground death metal with interesting grooves and dark melodies.

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