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Circle Creek - Past Presents Future

Circle Creek - Past Presents Future

Label : NRT Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Circle Creek hails from Austria, and has been active since 2010. The twins Didier (guitar) and Chris (lead guitar and vocals) are the center of this four piece band. To bridge the gap between their ‘Anger’ album from 2012 towards the new album ‘The World Is On Fire’ they release ‘Past Presents Future’. On this mini album you will fins three new tracks that will be featured on the forthcoming album and songs from their ‘Anger’ release. The band plays a mix of grunge and stone rock. The album kicks off in a fierce way with ‘Creatures’, but the band lacks in the vocal department. Chris Zirkelbach his voice is not that convincing. This is a continuous factor throughout all the seven tracks. Musically everything sounds solid, but not very innovative or renewing. There is even a feeling of repetition while listening, not a good thing when there are just seven songs on offering. The band says they are also influenced through heavy metal and hardrock. Well, you can forget that, this is typical grunge/stoner. This type of music needs a singer that is convincing and spits out his lyrics. A singer of that caliber will do Circle Creek a lot of good. Now is this is a decent release that does not make one very curious about the upcoming new album. And a drummer with the name Bernardo Beat? Come on!

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