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Voodus - Into The Wild

Voodus - Into The Wild

Label : Shadow Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Black metal is quite a diverse genre. People usually think immediately of bands like Mayhem and Marduk who attack the Christian population and their religions at full speed and without compromise. However, there are also bands that take a more subtle approach and have a different attitude. Bands like Nachash, Orkan and Voodus make music more based on atmosphere than on agression. Not the most enlightening atmosphere, but a more dark atmosphere that can evoke dark forces from the other side if the moon and the stars are aligned in the right way, for example.

Voodus from Sweden is such a band that usually does not go at full speed but has a doom-like approach. Lots of space for melody in the guitar lines, with a more clear guitar sound than is normal in this genre. The vocals are also a cross between the familiar screaming vocals and the death metal grunt, which makes that more emotion is coming through in the songs. Many long tracks with a solid structure, such as the title track ‘Into The Wild’. The beginning would not be out of place on many doom metal albums, after which the song picks up some speed. Given the length of this song and some others on this album, that variation in tempo is badly needed, because boredom is lurking around the corner due to the many repetitions of certain themes. Closer 'The Terrain Of Moloch' is quite a challenge, because that song lasts no less than fifteen minutes, but is definitely an excellent track with some great guitar work and sufficient diversity.

In general, the band knows how to incorporate that variation well, which makes 'Into The Wild' a nice black metal album, without constantly stimulating your nerve endings as is often the case with regular black metal. The balance between the length of the songs and the way they are executed is sometimes a bit shaky, so perhaps a ‘less is more’ attitude towards the songs next time and we have a new favorite in the genre.

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