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Sinbreed - IV

Sinbreed - IV

Label : Massacre | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Sinbreed – the band with initially (ex-) members of, among others, Neoshine, Seventh Avenue and Blind Guardian in the ranks – is now a well-known name in (European) power metal. Between 2010-2016 the band released three strong albums full of solid, typical German, power/speed metal in the veins Gamma Ray, Edguy, Iron Savior, Blind Guardian, which I really appreciated.

Musically not much has changed on the fourth LP and the band – fortunately – continues on the same path. The typical German power/speed metal is sounds quite tasty and meets the quality standards that we are used to. Again the gentlemen have managed to pack the songs with powerful riffs and catchy melodies and ditto vocal lines. Still the album sounds different and that has mainly to do with the vocals. Singer Herbie Langhans (Avantasia, ex-Seventh Avenue a.o.), whose voice in my opinion was very decisive for the Sindbreed sound, left the band earlier this year. His position has been filled by young Dutch talent Nick Holleman. That Holleman is an excellent vocalist we already knew through his involvement with Trance, Vicious Rumors and his own Powerized, and also in Sinbreed he convinces of his abilities and qualities. His high, typical power metal voice also fits well with Sinbreed. It’s just that he is a completely different singer than Langhans. With Langhans on the vocals, the music had something dark and (in my opinion) something mysterious about it. Moreover, his voice provided the distinctive factor and recognizability. With Holleman's voice the whole not only sounds more melodic, but since he has a more "standard" power metal voice compared to his predecessor, that distinctive factor and the recognizability is more or less gone.

Don’t get me wrong though, because as said, 'IV' has ten strong songs that leave nothing to be desired on both the instrumental and the vocal levels. It’s just that the band has lost a lot of its own identity and that you have to get used to the new (vocal) sound. Fortunately, what is not lost is the memorability. The songs already make a lasting impression after a single listen and become more and more recognizable with every spin. I must say that I’m less enthusiastic about the (for my taste too) happy 'Final Call' and that I have to get used to the modern influences in 'At Least I Am' (a solid track nevertheless), but that doesn’t kill the joy. Finally, sound-technical (again Markus Teske) the albums is also in a great shape and all in all we have a great power metal album that will definitely apply to fans of aforementioned bands and co..

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