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Sacrosanct - Necropolis

Sacrosanct - Necropolis

Label : Rock Of Angels Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The Dutch band Sacrosanct was founded by former Pestilence guitarist Randy Meinhard. However, do not expect a strong resemblance with his former homebase. The band has been dormant for 25 years and is now back with ‘Necropolis’ to manifest itself. They play fairly open, prog based heavy metal, of the mature kind. The music is not out to shock or confuse you and as a whole they take a little too little risks I think, while you clearly hear there must be more up their sleeves. Occasionally the rhythms are interesting, the melody is constantly at the forefront (which is nice) and the production is very pleasant. The pace is quite low averagely, with of course some outbursts, which makes their music pretty accessible for just about anyone, but at the same time this is what tends to bore me a bit after a while. But, that was only my first impression.

If you really sit down for it, more and more details surface and the disk becomes more intriguing. The vocals however, and maybe that is simply due to the fact I have other preferences, but I think it shows too little character to front a band of this calibre. But I must say, his tonality is solid and he gets along just fine, but not special. All in all 25 years could have provided a bit more than this outcome, but when you listen to the individuals with some attention, it would not surprise me if an intensive tour would benefit the band as a whole and that the next the band could be bursting with enthusiasm, because they have grown more together in a musical way after live some more. Now, it feels a little, tiny bit as if they play with one foot on the brake, still. But they will get there, I sense in everything it is there.

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