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Old Man Lizard - True Misery

Old Man Lizard - True Misery

Label : Wasted State Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : From the rural area of Suffolk, England, Old Man Lizard emerges once more. This threesome has been active since 2011 and now delivers their third album, 'True Misery'. And it is a really great album. The first time that I listened to it I thought: "Mwah." It sounded a little bit barren, but when I played it more often I started to really appreciate that and I found it was more a kind of minimalism on which a number of appropriate sounds had been hung. And all of those sounds stand out so much more than they would have done in an ocean of crashing rings and marching guitars. And that makes this an enormously full and satisfying sound. Are you still with me?

Old Man Lizard put down a sensitively heavy, sludgy, sometimes psychedelic stoner rock in which each song sounds different but in its entirety shows a very recognizable sound. There is something special to it, and I find it very hard to describe, but the far away sounds, the intensely sad notes and the screaming vocals manage to deeply touch me. The vocals took some getting used to but it became quite clear to me that those vocals and the words sung form a magnificent combination, a combination that evokes very strong emotions. Connected to the modest but uncomfortable dissonances and weeping guitar, all of this takes us on a very beautiful journey of despair, and I think this album's title is more than deserved. This is true misery.

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