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Karg - Dornenvögel

Karg - Dornenvögel

Label : AOP Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : V. Wahntraum alias J.J. remains very active in creating ultimate depressive, yet intense black metal with influences of post rock, grunge, shoegaze and post punk. Well, that’s only logical, since music happens to be a catharsis for his negative emotions, more than ever. Just like two years ago, we can mention that his other band Harakiri For The Sky (in which he is ‘only’ the vocalist and lyricist) released a new album in Springtime and with his one-man-project Karg he comes up with new work in Autumn, quite rightly to increase your winter depression.

Eight songs with a total length of five quarters of an hour. Karg announces that lyrics are equally important in his works as the musical exposure. These lyrics deal with broken relationships, lost love, estrangement, drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts and depression. That’s nothing new, all previous albums dived into this subject matter. Music-wise Karg still provides us of lengthy tracks, slowly developing from introvert sonorous guitar sounds to outbursts with scorching desperate screams. It happens to be a nice contrast between slightly lovely guitar sounds and ultimate despair in opening track ‘Drangsal’. It is a new item that every following track includes guest vocals of a different singer, all hailing from quite illustrious collectives like Instant Karma, fut, Amer and Lunar Aurora, although there are also more well-known guys in the first songs. Such as Dominik from Downfall Of Gaia, L.G. of Ellende or the metalcore tinged roars from Tom (Ancst) in ‘L’Appel Du Vide’. It does not really mean that there is more variegation in the end, even though they claim the opposite. Those who had a liking of closing their eyes during the endless musical landscapes of this underground band before, will find solace again. For most of our readers it will be too long-winded. A niche is not broken, and that’s fine for the true adepts.

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