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Sons Of Lazareth - Blue Skies Back To Gray

Sons Of Lazareth - Blue Skies Back To Gray

Label : Argonauta Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Sons Of Lazareth is a stoner band from Italy; their debut album is titled 'Black Skies Back To Grey', and to be honest those titles made me expect something sober and somewhat downcast, but that is not what we are getting here! This band gives us rock that reminds me of the Palm Desert Scene (hence their first song: 'Palm Desert's Blues'), and easily fuses solid hardrock and heavy blues with elements of metal. It all sounds quite pleasant and it takes no effort to listen to it and enjoy. Sons Of Lazareth sets itself apart from the aforementioned sound by adding sharp and fast metallic sounds and hooks that will slap you right in the face. Another interesting thing is that the guitars are constantly busy delivering haunting solos that will stick in your mind, chopping riffs and repetitive parts. At times it reminds me of a young and hungry Golden Earring on espresso.

It just goes on: every time you think that you have determined a song's flavor, another one is added and it tastes even better. What Sons does with their music is a little bit similar to when there's a scab growing on the small wound on your arm, and you are curious to find out if it is ready to be peeled off yet. So you pick at it with your fingernail and start slowly tearing it off, which gives you a funny, satisfactory feeling. Then you reach the point where you feel it would be wise to stop tearing, because continuing might propel you into a world of pain. And Sons Of Lazareth then continues! Just when you think the music has reached a level that cannot bring any more complacency, they rip off the scab and reach a level of constant intoxication.

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