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Navarone - Salvo

Navarone - Salvo

Label : Suburban | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Navarone has delivered a logical and worthy successor with their newest release ‘Salvo’. As a huge admirer of their earliest work with mostly seventies classic rock influences, the more alternative elements often need a bit more time to be appreciated. From their second album on Navarone has added more alternative, almost Belgian rock, and stoner influences to their seventies classic rock with prog and psychedelics. Maybe also due to superb live performances, these slightly less valued (parts of) songs, are very much appreciated after some listening sessions. An example of such a situation is ‘Another Way’, starting off as Pink Floyd-like song, proceeding into a slightly irritating disco drive, and ending up in great stubborn track returning to Pink Floyd delay rhythm in combination with phenomenal lead guitar and breaks. There is one track I’m not that sure of though; I truly doubt if even a live version of the poopy ‘Reset’ can convince me. All other songs are once more a great combination of cunningly made, catchy indie and melodic classic rock, grunge, driving stoner riffs and stubborn psychedelics, and fortunately also Led Zeppelin is not completely out of the picture; listen to the very tasteful ‘Cerberus’. (see clip below).

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