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Hordearii - Styx

Hordearii - Styx

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Even though ‘Styx’ is the debut album of this band, the members of Hordearii are absolutely not new to the Dutch metal scene. In the past decade the Dutch quartet released three EPs and a full length album under the moniker of Tribal Spirits and the names of its’ bandmembers could be linked with other bands such Shinigami and Bleeding Gods as well. Last year the band changed their name and they named themselves after their last recorded Tribal Spirits EP ‘Hordearii’, which is the Roman name for ‘barley eaters’, the nickname that gladiators received in the Roman Age, because of their diet of grains and beans.

The band presents eight new thrash metal compositions on this self-released debut album called ‘Styx’ and the songs are full of blast beats, breaks and aggressive guitarwork, completed by the energetic and raw thrash metal vocals of guitarist / vocalist Martijn Grooten. Musically, Hordearii shows a lot of similarities with our German friends of Dew-Scented, who also excel(ed) in aggressive and energy-laden thrash metal. Besided the drums, that were recorded in the Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam, the complete album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by the bands’ guitarist Jory Hoogeveen who did an outstanding job on this record. The album comes in a sweet digipack with dark artwork designed by Immensa Artis (Bleeding Gods, The Elysian Fields) and with a text sheet and I have to say, for a self-released album the guys can be really proud of the end product. I am sure that ‘Styx’ will find its’ way to thrash metal fans around the world, and hopefully the band will find a record label to release more material soon!

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