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Trollwar - Oath Of The Storm

Trollwar - Oath Of The Storm

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Trollmetal is one of those genres I always try to avoid a bit, since a number of bands in this genre does seem to exist by the grace of the idea that once you make metal you can dance to or laugh about, you actually do not have to be able of decent musicianship. So when I received a promo from a band called Trollwar I was hesitant. Without reason, so it seems!

Trollwar uses a melodic death metal base sound and carefully mixes in the folky elements in a tasty way. This band therefore feels more like a band as the old Equilibrium or Finsterforst rather than a humppa-party like Trollgasm or Troldhaugen. Opener ‘Summoning’ starts a little Alestorm-like though, but quickly bends towards a fine dark folk metal track that would not have been a bad fit for the afore mentioned group Equilibrium. ‘Into Shadows’ is even darker and also more grand, it clearly has Ensiferum elements. The orchestrations come forward really well on these tracks. Also ‘In Defiance’ has these wonderful orchestrations. In terms of vocals things are just as strong, with a firm grunt that fits the music seamlessly. Further along the record we find more gems like ‘Shores Of Madness’ and the Wintersun-like ‘Winters Night’.

Canada is not the first place you think off when you talk about folk metal, but apparently they are also capable of playing that over there. Trollwar is not your cheap trollmetal band that the band name might suggest, but a band that plays very decent folk/pagan metal. Do give this a try if you dig these genres.

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