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Anomalie - Integra

Anomalie - Integra

Label : AOP Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Roel de Haan : The German act Anomalie is one of the better acts operating within the so-called post-black metal scene and this ‘Integra’ is their latest mini-cd. Consisting of four songs and a total duration of 27 min it is quite a hefty dose for a mini-cd, but I’m not complaining. On ‘Integra’ we can see Anomalie developing more and more into pagan inspired territories, but make no mistake: Anomalie is very a product of the present. A few elements, reminding me of Helrunar have made their way into the dynamic post-black realm of Anomalie, most notably some chanting. Yet Anomalie is also modern, aggressive, introspective and melodic and ‘Integra’ showcases the many strengths of Anomalie in a concise yet adventurous fashion. Fans of Agrypnie, Infestus, Helrunar and similar bands should check them out if they haven’t done that already.

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