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Sarah Longfield - Disparity

Sarah Longfield - Disparity

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : Sarah Longfield is a name that may not ring a bell for the regular live visitors, as we have not seen too much of her on international festivals yet, but she is a rising star on the largest stage the world knows, the internet. Her videos on YouTube, in which she shows to switch from super cute to monstrous in a heartbeat, also show a multi-talent who effortlessly knows how to play very complex scales, not rarely in unlogical rhythms, in a very natural way. Especially her videos in which she collaborates with YouTube legend Rob Scallon are an immense success. She by now is a mature woman, but she can still adapt to the presence of a cute school girl. A cute school girl with about 200 years of experience and with outbursts of a psychiatric patient. And she clearly enjoys doing both.

‘Disparity’, is a testimony of Sarah’s musical prowess and variety of song writing skills that she has mastered over the years”.

With those words the CD is announced and in all fairness, when you reach a certain level, all there is left to debate is taste. Personal taste even. And that Sarah Longfield is not just a gifted musician and a fairly good singer, but also has a very broad musical orientation, becomes apparent almost immediately. There is one thing she is not, which is out to please everybody. She is not coquettish in one certain direction, and where I expected a full on metal CD with some interesting ventures, she draws her own path. Mostly it is proggy, light jazz, but she lets a multitude of proggy elements pass by, so that no matter who you are, there will always be a reason to feel uncomfortable. That sounds a lot less friendly than I meant, but she just keeps putting you on the wrong track. She is close to being a genius, but people who are, often have a tendency towards craziness too. And a little bit of craziness in turn can provide some very interesting things.

In the meantime, I caught the message that she will be touring live, but at the moment I am writing this, I am nota ware of here coming this way. So keep that in your mind when you browse our Concert agenda. What I personally like a lot about the record is the fact she laid down an incredibly good smooth sound. While wearing a Pig Destroyer hoody, it must be said. Here solo sound is at times nothing short of wonderful, her voice can sound angelic and there is no way you will understand the entire record at once. This has to grow on you, bit by bit. Or should I say ‘Piece By Piece’. The drum computer and the sample sounds are a lot less to my appeal, but ok, I am sure she will make up for that live. I know she can play the drums herself quite well too, judging this clip. The vibe in her songs is very pleasant, most of the times. But be aware that you cannot expect a 100% shred album. And another thing you must not do is hoping to avoid shred. Despite the fact that all elements are present, the gravitational point has shifted away from heavy to more lighter styles.

The ease with which she shifts between Djent, shred, smooth and everything in between, makes Sarah Longfield a must-see for any advanced musician and music fan. I cannot help but think that the majority of her fans must musician themselves. But everybody’s welcome to give it a try. Women who master their axes fabulously are far from exceptional nowadays, thanks to the likes of The Great Kat, who paved the way, but Longfield lifts it to another level of musical experience and has the ability to make it all look so incredibly simple, that she might inspire some people to push the bar a little too, every here and there.

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