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Apatheia - Konstelacja Dziur

Apatheia - Konstelacja Dziur

Label : Godz Ov War Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Black metal as it should be for many fans? Than you came to the right place. Apatheia is not a major name in the business and hardly anyone knows the band but that makes sense off course, because this 'Konstelacja Dziur' is their first achievement. In addition, none of the members of Apatheia play in one or another famous band. Only Vos - real name and age unknown – is a member of Absque Cor, but that band is as well-known as Apatheia itself.

The Polish gentlemen bring fast, slightly dissonant black metal without flutes, saxophones or clean vocals. Just straight forward then? No, because it is not only an attack of speed and total damage. Maybe the overall style is the same, but all songs have got an individual message. There is no point in dissecting each song separately. Most of the time, the musical wall is an assault on your eardrums, but sometimes Apatheia goes for a more melodic approach and sometimes a song swirls in an atmospheric framework to return later again to overall destruction. In the more lengthy instrumental parts you discover more layers than you initially would expect. Drummer Anůnn is a real machine: his blast beats are phenomenal, but if a particular passage requires more sensivity then that's no problem at all for him. The dissonant guitars sometimes sound very sharp and thin, but I think Apatheia created this sound intentionally to avoid sounding too bombastic. The mixing was done by guitarist/vocalist Vos himself by the way.

Lovers of atmospheric black metal may think this album sounds too rough in general, but fans of authentic morbid black metal with a lot of shades should definitely check this.

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