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Electric Earth - Electric Earth

Electric Earth - Electric Earth

Label : Tyss Music | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : After almost fifteen years the existence of Sweden's Electric Earth was none too certain, when in 2015 founding member Lyris Karlsson left the band to focus on other projects. I can very well imagine that to the band and fans this was bad news, and could have even been a reason to call it a day. The remaining three members however did no such thing, and they began writing material for this album. During recording they were aided by several different bass players, until eventually Mikael Tuved became the new permanent member.

Even though it is impossible to yet say anything about his influence in the band, this record is very caressing on the ears, and we are not listening to a band that has any difficulty showing cohesion and cooperation. Quite the contrary, Electric Earth sounds like they are alive and kicking and delivers an album filled with tough rock songs, in which it becomes evident that creatively they are still going strong. Decent hardrock is alternated with sheer metal and it shows some stoner influences. At some points quite clearly, at others more subtly. The more quiet and ballady moments are also nice (I take note of this because some bands manage to turn these moments intro true agony), making sure there is a good balance between headbang potential and relaxing the neck muscles.

According to the band this is their best album to date. I am not going to be the judge of that, but I think they have a valid point. Certainly, we run into a couple of cliches - the singing together, repeating the choruses, a light but clear critical note on society - but the music is original and shows a passionate band that is able to translate their enthusiasm into music very well.

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