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Artillery - The Face Of Fear

Artillery - The Face Of Fear

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Danish thrash metal outfit Artillery was already founded in 1982 and about thirty-six years later they are still alive and kicking and the new album ‘The Face Of Fear’ clearly shows that they can still effortlessly compete with the new generation of thrash metal bands. Of course they have known some difficult moments during their long career, but they have always managed to overcome these and after their second “reunion” in 2009 they regularly release great sounding albums and this ‘The Face Of Fear’ is no exception to that.

Predecessor ‘Penalty By Perception’ was already quite to my liking and that is also the case with this new record. The song material sounds very mature, the lovely riffs of the duo Michael and Morten Strützer are all over the place and singer Michael Bastholm Dahl is responsible for the strong vocal contribution on the album. Especially tunes like title track ‘The Face Of Fear’, ‘Crossroads To Conspiracy’ and ‘Through The Ages Of Atrocity’ sound impressive and provide you with a great workout for your neck muscles. Also the two rerecorded tracks (‘Mind Of No Return’ from the 1982 demo ‘We Are The Dead’ and ‘Doctor Evil’ which was to be found on the 2013 album ‘Legions’) sound better than the original versions and therefore certainly have an added value on this album. Producer Soren Anderson provided the record with an excellent sound and therefore there are absolutely no reasons to think of why the thrash metal fans should not buy this record. As such compliments for the band who has again succeeded in delivering an extremely fresh sounding and simply very good album.

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