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Fleddy Melculy - Live @ Graspop Metal Meeting ’18!

Fleddy Melculy - Live @ Graspop Metal Meeting ’18!

Label : Sony Music Entertainment | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The biggest and fastest success in the Belgian metal scene of late is without a doubt Fleddy Melculy. After the two albums 'Helgië' and 'De Kerk Van Melculy', they have already played at the biggest metal festivals in Belgium. They have their own Christmas show and festival where unknown talented bands also get a chance to play and they are aired daily on the better alternative radio stations. And even in the documentary Hooked On Belgian Metal there is some time spend on them. Now the conquest of the Netherlands is a fact, and all that with lyrics in Flemish embedded in fierce hardcore music.

About time for a live album one would say, and here it is. It was recorded at the Graspop Metal Meeting 2018, and the fun part of it is that except for vocalist Jeroen no one else of the band knew that is was recorded. The drive and feeling of giving everything was perfectly reflected on the album. You hear the audience literally going mad. It is unfortunate that the figures for the number of people who have presented themselves after the show at the medical aid stations are not mentioned. Only at 'T-Shirt Van Metallica' the show is on hold for a moment with the message that this is the only song with a little bit of puzzling afterwards. Due to the intensity on stage the recording equipment failed. It is by no means to be heard because the entire audience is singing and yelling the lyrics on this song. As an extra you get to hear the bonus song 'T-Shirt From Metallica'. For the first time Jeroen sings in English and it sounds good. Instead of the unfortunate Johnny with his T-shirt from H&M, here it is Justin who gets beaten up. Does the album sound perfect? No, not always. It remains a live recording. But instead of other bands that record five shows and only use the best results, you get something that is 100% authentic. And I have respect for that.

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