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Bad As - Midnight Curse

Bad As - Midnight Curse

Label : Rockshots Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Progressive power metal made in Italy. Most of us already know what to expect now. Strong and classic power metal without much urge to try new things or to experiment a little. The band was already founded in 2016 but under the name Badass, but in the meantime it has been changed to Badas. The most famous member is Alberto Rigoni whom you might know from the Vivaldi Metal Project. He gathered a band around him who mastered their instruments very well and with Mattia Martin as a singer. Everything stays nice within the limits of classic power metal, but fair is fair: what they do, they do excellent. Mattia has a clear and powerful voice and sounds wonderful. In opener 'Black Star' you even hear some grunt vocal lines. 'Midnight Curse' starts earlier in the progressive side with whispering voices. These are alternated with the classical singing couplets. Throughout the entire album, fast and melodic guitar solos alternate with beautiful classical acoustic guitar work. Mandatory for the classic power metal fans.

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