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Sunless Dawn - Timeweaver

Sunless Dawn - Timeweaver

Label : Prime Collective | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : Another album from Denmark. That gives us hope, because usually this small country serves us decent metal. This time we are dealing with Sunless Dawn, an outfit that plays progressive death metal. The band has never been reviewed by the Lords before, and I have the honour to sharpen the paper knives.

And that starts right away. The first two songs are very complex and are tough to comprehend, it is a window report of what these guys can do, but this does not result in a decent song. Tune number three, 'The Arbiter', is a meaningless filler. The signs are not in favour of this album up until now, and song number four is just the same. Frankly, I think track seven, 'Grand Inquisitor' is the first really nice song on this album. Here are the necessary metal ingredients that make a great song It is energetic, varied and very entertaining. The same goes for successor 'Erindringens Evighed' (no typing error). Damn, this diddy knows some wonderful aggressive bites and has a threatening tone. The final song 'Sovereign' shows strong influences of Edge Of Sanity at the time of 'Crimson'. You can be compared to lesser gods... It is a grandiose song anyway, it goes on and on and it does not get boring for a second.

Looking back at what I wrote thusfar, I have to conclude that we are dealing with a very unstable album here. The closing three songs are outstanding. For the rest, the talent is clearly there, but it doesn’t really come out. There is absolutely a lot of individual class aboard this ship, but the talent to write good songs with those talents is not there yet. The last three songs however show that they can write masterpieces so don’t give up guys! It is in there somewhere.

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