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Kalidia - The Frozen Throne

Kalidia - The Frozen Throne

Label : Iron Wound Recordings | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : What do we have here? With a band name as Kalidia it is as if this is the sister act of Italian power metal clowns Kaledon. Not completely off, since Kalidia vocalist Nicoletta provides backing vocals in this band. With ‘Lies Device’, Kalidia released a fine piece of music back in 2014. Can we say the same about ‘The Frozen Throne?

Music, theme, dress code and video clip. The opening title track sends our thoughts to Idina Menzel who ripped her ‘Let It Go’ straight from the film Frozen and took it to the metal stage. Nicoletta Rosellini is like a black-haired version of princess Else singing about “golden hair and blue eyes” in a video clip exclusively focussing on the gimcracks the vocalist is wearing, at first sight a bit cheap for metal standards. A few listens beyond the layers of make-up and poser-level reveals that Kalidia is capable of playing a very decent bit of symphonic metal. Musically this combines the popmetal of an act like Delain with the well-known Italian bombastic elements of the Rhapsody’s of this world. ‘Circe’s Spell’ introduces some Eastern elements, and with ‘Black Sails’ even some Running Wild sound passes the mix. ‘Orpheus’ is mid-tempo and has a good build-up in intensity. Also the ballad is taken care of with ‘Midnights Chant’. My personal favourite is ‘Myth Of Masada’ which is charming in a certain chaotic way.

‘The Frozen Throne’ is for all who sees merit in the Disney/metal mash-up idea! A pretty and varied album for all those who can appreciate pop-oriented metal such as Delain and Beyond The Black!

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