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Dan Reed Network - Origins

Dan Reed Network - Origins

Label : AOR Heaven | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Dan Reed Network were one of the up and coming bands at the end of the eighties. The, Portland based, Americans quickly gained ground and fame. Especially England and Sweden really liked the band. After the third album ‘The Heat’ the band broke up. Dan Reed cut of all his hair and had the ambition to become a movie star. That did not work out at all, bad choice. As a solo artist Reed released some albums, but stayed below the radar throughout this period. In 2015 the band was revitalized, with four out of five original members. They also released a new studio album ‘Fight Another Day’, that was a bit disappointing. Now the band releases ‘Origins’, which holds four freshly penned tracks and four re-recorded songs. For the re-recordings fans were given the opportunity to watch the band record a song and participate. A nice initiative, as the fans were allowed to sing background vocals (which are hardly noticeable by the way). The four new songs are much better than what the band offered on their last album. ‘Shameless’ is a nice and soulful song. The best of the four. The newly recorded songs do not differ that much from the originals. Only ‘Let It Go’ is a bit more upbeat and happy sounding. This is an enjoyable album, that will gives the comeback of the band more credibility than their last studio album.

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