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Arkaid - Crematoria

Arkaid - Crematoria

Label : Art Gates Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This Swedish band releases after two EP’s their debut at Art Gates Records. It is modern extreme metal. Sticking a correct name to it is not that easy because the band plays a lot of different genres. They open with the title track 'Crematoria'. You hear light-hearted riffs and some keyboard. However, the vocals are a vicious grunt which makes the whole thing a nice contrast. Successor ‘Tragical’ follows a bit in the same trend but the vocals are more screaming and even goes in the black metal direction. In between you even hear a choir. The band gained fame mainly by bringing the timeless hit 'Sex Bomb' by Tom Jones in their own version. And that is the evil metal version. If you know the original song, the chorus even sounds funny. Then it starts to turn around. 'The Ruined Bouqet' starts with a sober piece of piano and sounds both cheerful but in the dark metal atmosphere. The result is one of the better songs on this album. But with 'November' they completely hit the nail. The rhythm is outright cheerful with polyphonic vocal parts. It even reminds of the dark side of Dropkick Murhys. Especially the end with the necessary lalala's in combination with blast beats sounds really great. There follow four more songs that are more in the epic death metal scene. Names like Eluveiti and Equilibrium are not far away. In the beginning this album sounds a bit chaotic because you do not really know how or where the band is going. But along the way, you are part of the story and there are many pleasant moments.

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