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Whitemour - The Devil Inherits The Earth

Whitemour - The Devil Inherits The Earth

Label : Art Gates Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The in 2006 founded Whitemour has gone through a number of line-up changes, before finally delivering this album. But now they are here, with a worldwide record deal. The band plays light-feeted death metal, with an obvious black touch and honestly undeniable thrash influences. The music has an interesting amount of mysticism in it, which is slightly thrown back by the rhythm sections and the vocals, which gives it a more accessible character. Accessible for a seasoned metal ear that is, of course. In between the melody lines there is enough of their fanatic nature on the surface to make this quite an interesting recording. But for the band to truly gain attention they need a little bit more discerning factors. Which certainly counts for the lyrics, that I think are far more direct than one would expect from a band with these intentions. And frankly, than I would have hoped. Despite those little remarks, there is enough reason for me personally the keep a small eye on them, from the corner of my eye actually, but I will try to keep track of them. I absolutely am positive about this debut, there is a promise for the future in their musical identity already. I’d make ‘Malefica’ the first single, with those female backings, it has a great vibe to it. But that is up to them.

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