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Marche Funèbre - Death Wish Woman

Marche Funèbre - Death Wish Woman

Label : GrimmDistribution | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Vera : A decade of Marche Funèbre! Since 2008 the eminent doom metal band hailing from Belgium (Mechelen) has achieved a lot. They have organized no less than ten editions of the Darken The Moon festival, so that we could enjoy bands such as Primordial, Saturnus, Novembers Doom, Ahab, Mourning Beloveth and soon even Green Carnation as headliner. This Spring they did a US tour, as the crown of the work on more than 120 live gigs, spread over ten countries in their career. And last but not least they have released three excellent albums: ’To Drown’ (2011), ’Roots Of Grief’ (2013) and ’Into The Arms Of Darkness’ (2017). We can simply say that they have managed to develop a signature sound, recognizable out of many, while their dark mourning doom happens to be relished with influences of black metal to stir things up.

To celebrate this tenth anniversary, Marche Funèbre has created a conceptual EP ‘Death Wish Woman’, with three new songs, completed with the Paradise Lost cover ‘As I Die’. The ultimately pleased cooperation with Markus Stock (Schwadorf) as producer at the Klangschmiede E Studio was prolonged. ‘Broken Wings’ happens to be the first song that introduces us to the concept. The vocals of Arne Vandenhoeck sound just a bit more intense than we are used to, the band switches from firm passages to soaring, beautiful guitar lines, while we can hear any clean chants towards the end, almost fragile, just like the title suggests. The title track ‘Death Wish Woman’ mainly keeps pace fast. Initially we hear eerie sounding blackened vocals, later it passes into dramatic clean chants, finally a tight-as-hell bass intermezzo is followed by proper death growls. Top notch quality in the thirteen minutes long ‘A Departing Guest’. This song includes the most familiar flow for the fans, with weeping willow guitars, death growl versus clean chants and soaring ultra sad leads that really haunt you. After nine minutes they insert a kind of experimental fragment, while the final ending reminds me a lot of Sólstafir with e-bow and fluttering sounds. The cover of ‘As I Die’ of Paradise Lost will be familiar for every fan, visiting the gigs and it is quite rightly that it is finally eternalized on a release. Sure-fire version that does not deviate so much from the original. The first ten years Marche Funèbre are now celebrated with a release that makes us long for the second decade!

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