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Suidakra - Cimbric Yarns

Suidakra - Cimbric Yarns

Label : AFM Records | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Suidakra is a band in constant development, even after all these years. The band from the sympathetic and motivated front man Arkadius Antonik gave us on the previous album ’Realms Of Odoric’ our first encounter with a new approach. The instrumental, symphonic side project Realms Of Odoric fused with the heaviness of Suidakra. An album of Realms Of Odoric – a close cooperation with lyricist and artwork designer Kris Verwimp – was the foundation to transform into a heavy blackened death metal album with folkloristic influences.

But that is not all. No less than twelve albums full of bombastic melodic death/black metal, relished with folky elements, preceded this thirteenth – acoustic - album ‘Cimbric Yarns’. Indeed, you are reading it right: acoustic. Totally different from what we are used from Suidakra. This album goes way back in time, thousands of years before Odoric, when a civilization was destroyed by a cosmic disaster. That is obviously another story from Kris Verwimp, also the man of the artwork. This time it is not Arkadius who is singing. He gave this job to Marcel Schoenen (ex-Suidakra), Mathias Zimmer (Perzonal War), Sascha Assbach (also their photographer) and Tina Stabel. These are all skilled people out of their circle of friends and as always, this album was once again recorded at the Gernhart Studio from Perzonal War drummer Martin Buchwalter. Arkadius played the acoustic guitars, banjo and harmonica (‘Caoine Cruác’) and did the orchestral arrangements. There are guest appearances on violin and flute as well. This acoustic album might be a surprise for the fans, but even in this acoustic approach, Suidakra succeeded with verve.

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