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Ann My Guard - Moira

Ann My Guard - Moira

Label : Painted Bass Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : What a nice and fresh piece of dark music! At first sight you might label this band as another female fronted metal band, or goth/prog band. Do as you please but this is unfair towards this band. Ann My Guard is releasing its third album and this record is a special journey through multiple genres of metal. If this is caused by the roots of singer/bass plaer Eszter Anna Baumann that originate from the eastern part of beautiful Hungary is to question. At moments you might feel you are in pop music with a slice of Kate Bush the next moment there is metal to experience just as dark folk music. That latter adjective is the one that says is all.

Even the at ease songs and ballads do not give you the feeling you are listening to a sweet lovesong. A song like ‘Roseblood’ is a good example. A few songs ahead there is a song called ‘Raven’ that easy to listen to but at the same time brutal heavy because of the very dark bass drum. In the end the album ends with a eight minute sons ‘Morpeus’ where dark easy folk and heavy doom metal go hand in hand and give each other the time in the spotlight. This song hides a nice surprise that I am not going to spoil. The album shows itself with a great sound and production. A record to be proud of.

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