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Minsk / Zatokrev - Bigod (Split)

Minsk / Zatokrev - Bigod (Split)

Label : ConSouling Sounds | Archive under different metal

Release type: Split cd

Cedric : A split album is often the perfect way for smaller bands to release music and present their craft to a bigger audience, but obviously without the cost of a full album of their own. It is also often used as an extra release, more for the true fans of band, before going on a tour together. That is also the case with ‘Bigod’ on which Minsk and Zatokrev are both presenting two songs. But to call this release just a little extra for the fans would be disrespectful to the quality of the music on it. This is without a doubt a very strong effort by two talented bands, whose overall sounds actually match very well together. Minsk has the honour to start off the disc with ‘Invoke Revive’, a splendid piece of post-metal, also containing some dark sludge influences. This song will definately leave the audience wanting more! In almost fifteen minutes the Americans of Minsk make it clear that they know how to write a great song in the genre. Groovy riffs are very well alternated with softer, more atmospheric-sounding guitars. But also blunt and raw vocals get a great support of beautiful background vocals. Off to a good start!

‘Silent Gods’ by the Swiss band Zatokrev starts a lot softer and quieter, but it is great to hear how they make the song evolve from post rock atmospheres to more doomy post metal elements. This is a song in which you can as well enjoy some dissonant yet groovy guitars, but it also gives you space and time to breathe, thus letting the repetition in the song create the necessary vibe. Even more than the first song by Minsk, ‘Silent Gods’ proves to be an interesting-sounding musical trip. To be completely honest, this is actually the only “real” song by Zatokrev on the split, because the following ‘Salvatore’ tends more towards a musical intermezzo than a real song. It is a beautiful intermezzo though, blending beautifully into the last song on the split.

‘The Chalice And The Dagger’ by Minsk is, just like the opening track, consisting of nicely pounding parts, but the band leaves even more room for the song to breathe. Overall, as a fan of the genre, this split offers almost forty minutes of new music to discover, which is not bad at all. Musically the bands blend so well together that it is sometimes difficult to tell where Minsk ends and Zatokrev begins, but it creates a kind of continuity that is favorable to this kind of music. Also productionwise both bands sound great! ‘Bigod’ is without a doubt a more than decent split. A split that does not need a tour to have its worth, but is a great piece of work on its own.

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