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Martyr Art - FearFaith Machines

Martyr Art - FearFaith Machines

Label : ZineScene Records | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : I am usually not very surprised when I find out certain bands actually only have one member. With Martyr Art, I definitely was. I had been listening to 'FearFaith Machines' a couple of times already on my digital Walkman (yes, that is a thing) and was pleasantly impressed; when I got home and read through the mail that accompanied this download I realized it was all done by just one man: Joe Gagliardi.

The main reason for my surprise is that this entire album sounds so incredibly dynamic, as if there are four or five guys playing music, being good at doing it and having a lot of fun recording. Not an easy task for just one man. Anyway: loads of energy and super dynamic, those are terms that are very appropriate to this album. A combination of very loud metal and industrial, with the emphasis on metal! Another thing that stands out is the almost constant presence of solo guitar, and even though in other contexts this might have gotten monotonous or boring, it certainly is not here. In fact, it will give you the feeling of being on an exciting, versatile rollercoaster right from the start of 'Motion' to the very last second of 'Binary Slavery'. There is a moment of rest during the second-last song, 'Thundering', but because this track has such a low rumbling bass and relaxing drumroll it has a certain heaviness that makes it fit in perfectly with the other songs. The gloomy guitar at the end only serves to contribute to this, and handily paves the way for the heavy, thumping rhythm of 'Binary Slaves'.

'FearFaith Machines' is spontaneous and enticing, an album you can listen to on any occasion. I would definitely give this one a try.

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