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Slegest - Introvert

Slegest - Introvert

Label : Dark Essence Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Since Ese left the Norwegian band Vreid in 2010, he has been working hard to build up his own project Slegest. In 2016 we were enchanted by the release of ’Vidsyn’, next they toured a lot and Ese allowed more and more contributions of the other members. Now ‘Da Brenne I Glåsi’ happens to be written by lead guitarist Sør and ‘Leitar’ by bassist Hövard Ese. As usual this third album ‘Introvert’ was recorded and fine-tuned by Bergen friends Herbrand Larsen (ex-Enslaved - mix) and Iver Sandøy (mastering).

The fervent rocking songs with eerie blackened vocals of Ese are all compact on ‘Introvert’. Lyrics are in Norwegian language and inspired by a way of life based on introspection. Thus ‘Blodest Varme Gjennom Meg’ and ‘Undergangens Tankesmed’ are smooth rocking songs with that signature vocals of our protagonist. Doom laden riffs prevail in in ‘Maler Lys I Moerketid’, one of the songs in which Herbrand Larsen adds keyboards. The mid-paced ‘Det Brenne I Glaasi’ includes magnificent fluttering guitars and delicious soloing with soaring timbre. Those meandering solos are surely a strong feature in the music of Slegest and they perfectly illustrate that once more in the occluding track ‘Den Onde Sirkel’. Slegest has created a familiar sounding strong successor of ‘Vidsyn’, although the length of 32 minutes is rather short for a full length album.

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