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Madison - Best In Show

Madison - Best In Show

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Madison is a Swedish melodic metal band, which was active in the years 1983 to1987. In that period they have released two albums, a number of singles and an EP, of which especially the debut album ‘Diamond Mistress’ from 1984 is a very worthwhile affair. Despite of the fact that the second record ‘Best In Show’ certainly doesn’t reach the quality level of the already mentioned debut, also this album is very worthwhile listening to. Pride And Joy Records now brings this in 1986 released album to market again with the two bonus songs ‘The Look In Your Eyes’ and ‘The Tale’ and if you don’t own this album yet, I would certainly advise you to get your hands on this re-release.

The band in 1986 consisted of world-class singer Göran Edman, the guitar players Anders Karlsson and Mikael Myllynen, bass player Conny Sundqvist and drummer Peter Fredrikson and at that time brought us easy-listening metal tracks with lots of melody, great guitar work and fantastic vocals. As said this second album ‘Best In Show’ wasn’t of the same exceptional high level as the debut ‘Diamond Mistress’, but with ‘Oh Rendez Vous’, ‘Shine’, ‘Give It Back’ and ‘Mental Masturbation it still contained quite a number of great tunes. Therefore it was a shame that the band called it a day shortly after the release of this record, because they clearly showed to possess an above average dose of talent. Of course the album anno 2018 sounds somewhat dated, but still it will be very capable of appealing to the fans of good melodic metal. If you like this ‘Best In Show’ record, I would definitely go out and look for ‘Diamond Mistress’, because that one is still quite a bit stronger. Despite of that this can certainly be regarded as a very worthwhile re-release…

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