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Lacuna Coil - The 119 Show – Live In London

Lacuna Coil - The 119 Show – Live In London

Label : Century Media | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Italian gothic metal outfit Lacuna Coil is celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2018 and that joyful fact is appropriately celebrated by means of the release of this live registration (both on BlueRay/DVD as well as on double-CD) of their performance on January 19th (which was very well chosen because of the song ‘1.19’) of this year in the O2 Forum Kentish Town in London. During no less than twenty-six songs (plus intro) the band takes you through their entire catalogue and that is done in a very tasteful manner I might say. Of course the core of the set-list is formed by their best known tunes like for instance ‘Swamped’, ‘Heaven’s A Lie’ and the Depeche Mode cover ‘Enjoy The Silence’, but for this special occasion also a couple of less known tracks are performed. As such there is the already mentioned ‘1.19’, which had to be played because of the date of the show, but also songs like ‘My Wings’, ‘Hyperfast’, ‘I Like It’ and ‘Comalies’ were revitalized and played in a mighty fine way. Because of the fact that these songs will not be played too often anymore in the future, the band has made sure that this show contains a few unique elements.

Next to the musical surprises they also have the necessary elements in place from a visual perspective for the BlueRay/DVD-release. The podium looks somewhat like a circus show and during a number of songs dancers are coming on stage to add some more visual entertainment. The absolute highlight of this excellent show for me is the laid-back ballad ‘Falling’, in which Cristina Scabbia with only a piano as musical accompaniment really shows what’s she vocally capable of and in which she literally and figuratively rises to great heights. The more than two hours long show is as a matter of fact as a whole of a very high quality level and effortlessly knows to captivate you from start to finish. Everything is excellently captured on tape and also from a sound perspective there’s nothing to complain about, which makes this ‘The 119 Show – Live In London’ an excellent live recording of a band in top shape. Therefore reasons enough why every gothic metal fan should go out and get this BlueRay/DVD/double-CD release!


1. Intro
2. A Current Obsession
3. 1.19
4. My Wings
5. End Of Time
6. Blood, Tears, Dust
7. Swamped
8. The Army Inside
9. Veins Of Glass
10. One Cold Day
11. The House Of Shame
12. When A Dead Man Walks
13. Tight Rope
14. Soul Into Hades
15. Hyperfast

16. I Like It
17. Heaven's A Lie
18. Senzafine
19. Closer
20. Comalies
21. Our Truth
22. Intermezzo
23. Falling
24. Wide Awake
25. I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name)
26. Enjoy The Silence
27. Nothing Stands In Our Way

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