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Hell City - Flesh And Bones

Hell City - Flesh And Bones

Label : Painted Bass Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Belgian heavy metal outfit Hell City is already working its way up from 2007 and that has meanwhile resulted in an EP and two full-length albums, of which the latest entitled ‘Victorious’ saw the light of day in 2014. Therefore the future seemed to look quite bright for the band, until in 2015 their bass player Michael Konovaloff passed away as a result of a fatal fall. All planned band activities were stopped and for a while it seemed that also Hell City was going to die a silent death. About two years and a number of line-up changes after that fatal event the band was eager enough again to record their third studio album, which has now been released under the title ‘Flesh And Bones’ via the Dutch label Painted Bass Records.

Not only concerning the line-up things have changed, but also style-wise there are a few differences. As such the music is a lot heavier and for the first time male grunts are heard (by drummer Tommy Goffin). That gives the songs an extra dimension and accounts for the fact that the music sounds more dynamic and varied. What luckily has stayed is the art to write good songs and the great vocals of female singer Michelle Nivelle and that mix of traditional and new Hell City elements results in a very enjoyable album, which for me should have lasted longer than the thirty-five minutes that is offered now. Especially the aggressive ‘Bogus POTUS’, ‘Your Darkest Hour’ and the long title track ‘Flesh & Bones’ are impressive, but it has to be said that Hell City has succeeded in delivering a very consistent high-quality record from start to finish. Also the production, courtesy of the well-known Dan Swanö, is spot-on, which makes this ‘Flesh And Bones’ the best Hell City album that they’ve released so far. Therefore nothing than respect for the way that they’ve overcome the setbacks and the way they return with this great third full-length album…

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